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Farmers Market reaching its mission

Almost 120 ears of corn were consumed at this past Saturday’s corn festival that has shown Farmers Market organizers they are on the right track as far as giving the public what it wants.

From 10 a.m. to noon Ironton In Bloom volunteers buttered 10 dozen ears of corn and gave them away to anyone who came to look around at the market.

“Lots of people took advantage of it,” Carol Allen, president of Ironton In Bloom, said. “By the time we closed up we had three or four ears left. It was a great event.”

Vendors say the push to promote the Farmers Market through advertising, banners and special events is paying off bringing more shoppers to the Friday and Saturday market at its new location at Depot Square.

This weekend the market will move to the corner of Center and Second streets as Rally on the River takes over Depot Square. Then on Aug. 24, vendors move back to their regular locale as musicians come in all day for special concerts.

“Now I am seeing what I want to see,” Allen said. “People bringing their puppy dogs and walking them through. People with baby strollers, Mothers and daughters coming to the market. It is becoming more of what we had envisioned it.”