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Rally vital to Ro-Na restoration

Rally on the River got rolling Thursday and will really get its motor running today and Saturday as the event marks its 10th year.

Thousands of people are expected to cruise into Ironton, Lawrence County and the entire Tri-State over the weekend as the event put on by the Friends of Ironton community organization hopes to draw people into the city to spend money, have a good time and raise funds for the Ro-Na Restoration.

Although the rally isn’t for everyone, it does achieve those goals. Without the Friends,the Ro-Na would likely still be sitting and decaying as it had for more than a decade.

So, in the end, some minor traffic disruptions and extra noise from music and motorcycles for three days is a relatively small price to pay for the ongoing restoration of the theater that served the community well for decades and can do so once again.

But the rally certainly shouldn’t be considered a free pass to break the law. Most eventgoers understand it is possible to have a good time yet still be safe and act like upstanding citizens. The Ironton Police Department has to cite those who make our roads or community unsafe.

Being responsible and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Both can be accomplished.

Ironton businesses need to take advantage of increased traffic by putting their proverbial best foot forward.

As Ironton’s iron tunes retail, restaurant, and lodging opportunities grow in coming years the rally and events like it could ultimately have a huge impact on the community.

Citizens should look at everything the rally offers and find the entertainment or event that suits their tastes.

If everyone comes together, Rally on the River can benefit the entire community.