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Reader says column full of half-truths

Once again, Jim Crawford starts out his article by saying just how little the House of Representatives did in 2013.

He is right they accomplished nothing, but it was because of every piece of legislation that they sent to the Senate, which amounted to 372 bills.

Harry Reid, the majority speaker of the Senate, tabled everything that he didn’t like that they sent. Then he used the “Nuclear Option” of just 51 votes to pass all legislation, hoping the Democrats can hold the Senate in 2014.

While the Obamacare fiasco has and will cost Americans jobs, higher premiums and seniors less coverage, you can sit and tell us just how a good a piece of legislation that it is.

Oh by the way, just who is changing Obamacare? Not the Republicans.

It is President Obama himself, going outside the law to change the mandates, and the law, passed by Democrats only. He installed and lied about himself even when he knew he was lying to all the people.

Yes, Jim, keep singing the praises of the Democrats, but when the economy goes bust, then just who will you blame?

George W. Bush is gone. This is your party that you can blame.

When will you write an article that’s not full of half-truths and tell the whole story? Of course a staunch Democrat can only see the side that you want to.

If you have watched the news, how many people has Macy’s already laid off and many more companies are closing stores.

Just what excuse will you find for all the layoffs and the number of people whose hours are cut to less than 30 hours a week so they won’t have to buy insurance.

Or how many companies will lay off enough to keep below 50 employees and not have to purchase insurance for them? Then tell me how good this is for America.

You talk about the 40 times the Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare. What about the other 300 that haven’t been acted on by Democrats?

Yes this country needs jobs, highway, rivers, even new refineries, but no more mining of coal.

That has kept jobs and America strong for years.

Kill more jobs, put more people on welfare. That’s good for the economy. Real smart.


Homer Campbell