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Celebrities need held accountable

As we have evolved into a 24-hour news cycle, it didn’t take long for the news of Justin Bieber’s latest escapade with law enforcement and just simple lack of good judgment to circulate throughout the country and around the world.

Believe me, I am all for second chances and allowing people to be who they are, but there is a line that is quickly being crossed with this new generation of what we call “celebrities.” People like Bieber seem to be who kids look to up to today, and I have a serious issue with this.

Not so much from a standpoint that kids look to these stars, but the fact that these so called “stars” do not have enough respect for the position they hold to be decent citizens.

I understand that things happen and mistakes are made by everyone, but when the same issues keep arising such as drag racing and allegedly driving under the influence, this tells me that he has no respect or regard for others, so why should I have any respect for him?

It seemed when these young pop stars were making their way, they had a real hunger and drive to be the best. However, as they ascended into stardom and notoriety, it has all come down on them by their own ill-fated decisions.

I never want to see anyone fail at their career or in life, but when the individuals and those around them continually allow these things to happen, something clearly needs to be done to help.

As a kid, it seemed my generation looked up to family members as their role models, in some cases it would be a sports figure or a celebrity.

However, the thing was that I don’t remember these serious legal issues continually being associated with celebrities. I am sure there were plenty of occasions where all of these folks had issues or made bad decisions, but it may be because I was so wrapped up on sports year-around that I just didn’t pay that much attention, or that the news wasn’t on a cycle like it is today.

When I was a kid, my parents punished me when I acted inappropriately. And you know what? In most cases I didn’t do it again. However, today it seems that these folks don’t seem to learn their lesson because nothing happens to make them feel it was wrong.

I do the same with my daughter as many others do, and I look to teach them from their mistakes. Will they make bad decisions in their life?

Sure, but it is what you learn from those decisions that help mold them for their future.

Either way, it is time that our legal system, along with the people associated with these celebrities, hold them accountable for their actions.

These are serious problems that need to have serious consequences, but unless someone in their inner circle or someone in the legal system starts to hold them responsible for their actions, these same issues will continue to show their ugly heads.


Josh Morrison is the general manager at The Tribune. To reach him, call 740-532-1441 ext. 16 or by email at josh.morrison@irontontribune.com.