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First-half taxes due; mailed out on Friday

The first half tax bills were put in the mail on Friday with property owners expected to receive them no later than early this week.

Bills were on 55,000 parcels and are due by March 7. Taxes can be paid by coming to the treasurer’s office on the second floor of the county courthouse, at the following banks, U.S. Bank, City National, Ohio River, Ohio Valley and Liberty Federal, and on the treasurer’s website.

“We are drawing people’s attention to the website with the blustery weather, if they have concerns about going to the treasurer’s office or a bank,” County Treasurer Stephen Burcham said. “It is out there to do in the comfort and warmth of their own home.”

Taxpayers in Rome Township will probably get duplicate bills because of an error that caused the reprinting of the bills in that district.

“They are only to use the one bill,” Burcham said.