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LOCO has opportunity to help many

Many of us take for granted the activities and tasks we perform so easily and on a daily basis — especially when we were children.

It was no big deal to hop on a bicycle and take off down the road with our friends. Running and playing tag or hide and seek, or pretending to be superheroes with bedsheet capes.

But whether we knew it, there were other children who, unfortunately, couldn’t do those things.

In Ironton, a group of police officers and a former firefighter recognized that and have formed a group aimed at helping physically challenged children participate in a pastime they feel passionate about.

LOCO, or the League of Competitive Outdoorsmen, will pit hunters against each other to see who can capture the largest turkeys this spring season, but will also invite some of the county’s physically challenged youth out for a day to catch their own bird.

Not only will this effort encourage these children and let them see that they can overcome limitations, but it will give the children a chance to interact with our county’s civil servants and other adults who want to make a difference.

We encourage LOCO to continue planning these youth events and we hope many children have the opportunity spend time doing an activity that they may not have had the chance to do otherwise.