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Law enforcement not there when needed

I agree with the residents in Ironton and Lawrence County having long been fed up with the epidemic of drug abuse in their neighborhoods.

It also goes along with the breaking and entering, DUI’s, speeding, fights, abuse and destruction of personal property.

I think it is very sad that the Ironton residents who own their own homes and pay taxes, which helps pay the wages of the police department, can not depend on the police in time of need, like someone destructing their property. Even though you have a no trespassing sign up, it doesn’t matter, says the law.

IF you know or have an idea who did it, it’s up to you to do something about it, not the law. Unless it happens again, then they will do something when called.

Why call them? They are not there to help honest law-abiding citizens who try to do what’s right.

And if you end up in an altercation with the people, then you are probably the one to be in trouble instead of them. After all the law is not on your side, but theirs.

Just let them do whatever they want and when it is said and done, the law think’s it’s funny and laughs about it when out of sight and hearing range of the property owner.

They also said that it was legal for people who live across the street to block with their cars practically the only road leading to my house. One of the cars has not been moved since last summer and is sitting on city property.

If there would be an emergency in need of EMS or the fire department, they could not get through. The law had a time maneuvering their car through there, themselves. I’m sure if their personal property were destructed, they would want something done also.


Cynthia Hickson