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Dawson-Bryant junior writes, directs play about bullying

COAL GROVE — Dawson-Bryant junior Samantha Robinson wanted to produce a play about the dangers of bullying. Since the high school doesn’t have a drama program, she decided to do it on her own.

“I’ve been into drama since I was really young,” Robinson said. “I really wanted to put on a production about bullying and get drama into our school. I struggled with being bullied so that is why I focused the play on that issue.”

She describes the teacher-sponsored play as being similar to the television show “Glee” and struck a deal with teacher and sponsor of the prom committee Kim Richie that if the play could be open to the public once, all proceeds from the event would go to the prom committee.

“It’s a family friendly show,” Robinson said. “It’s the first big drama production at the school and the school is not involved in any way, financially or otherwise.”

Robinson’s best friend’s mother, Jennifer Clark, is overseeing the day-to-day goings on of the play. Clark recently purchased microphones for the play and the rest of the money was raised by the cast.

“We sold ads for our playbill and have received some donations,” Robinson said. “It costs over a thousand dollars to buy our props and set pieces. Most of those things have been purchased by students’ parents.”

Some of the money raised is going toward anti-bullying bracelets for audience members.

Robinson has significant acting experience, appearing in production at the Paramount Arts Center, Jax’s Theater and the Ohio River Theater Company. This show marks her third time directing and the second show she has acted in along with writing and directing.

The public performance will be 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28, in the Dawson-Bryant High School cafetorium. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the show or by calling 1-304-673-1025.