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Ray ‘Doc’ Payne honored

As the winter seems to be never-ending, we think everyone would just like a break in the weather. However, good things are happening throughout the county.

Here are some of the highlights for this week.

• This past Saturday, the annual Ironton Rotary Pancake Breakfast was held. However, it was not just about the pancakes, but the milestone of one of the members. Saturday marked 40 years for Ray “Doc” Payne serving the community at the event. The motto of the club is “Service Above Self”, and he has certainly done that not only making pancakes over the years, but in the community as well. We applaud Ray “Doc” for his service to the community over the past four decades.

• Recently, Rock Hill High School senior Allison Schwab and a National Honor Society member received a $2,000 grant to purchase iPads for the school’s multi-handicapped class. The grant was written to the Mike Furrey Foundation, and the purchase and donation of the iPads will be in memory of her father, Richard Schwab, and in honor of Morris Jenkins. We commend Allison and those involved in the process for taking the initiative to help others in the school.

We also want to remind readers to submit items that would be fitting for the good day Tuesday editorials. If it is something good happening around the county, we want to know about it.