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Cutting premiums smart move

Over the past several years, costs for everything have seemingly increased.

However, over that same stretch of time, both the City of Ironton and Lawrence County have both had workers’ compensation premiums have been nearly cut in half.

This is important for both entities because the savings in payments can be used for other needs and help within the budgets of both the city and county.

Changes to the structures used by the city and county, and implementing new organizational elements keyed the ability to realize the reduction in premiums.

While the benefit was not immediate, staying the course and trusting the long-term vision allowed the City of Ironton and Lawrence County to realize those goals.

Although the savings are a result of several years’ work, the ability to reduce costs in any capacity with the current economic climate will aid in the continuing capacity to meet the needs of the City of Ironton as well as Lawrence County. This is especially important because in the past, reductions have been needed for departmental budgets.

We applaud all involved in developing and following through with these plans that allowed for the reduction in premiums for workers’ compensation.

This is a large step in the right direction for the city and county, and continuing these processes will help both in coming years.