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ORVJC is best answer

At a meeting this week with multiple entities on the current condition of the Lawrence County Jail, the jail committee is trying to remedy a long standing issue regarding the current state of the facility in Ironton.

The issues are well known, but the potential cures have been difficult to obtain.

Several factors have led to the issues facing the sheriff and the committee searching for a new or revitalized facility to house inmates and become compliant with state regulations.

However, a potential option that has been discussed in the past is again being considered. That option is leasing a portion of the former Ohio River Valley Juvenile Correctional Facility.

This is the right decision. While construction of a new jail would be the best solution, in the current economic climate that is neither viable nor fiscally responsible.

This would be a joint venture between the county, STAR, and the state.

While we feel this is the best solution to date, it is important to ensure that all preparations are made and information is obtained to ensure the county does not enter into a deal that would present new problems down the road.

Doing so will ensure that the long term compliance of and practicality for the Lawrence County Jail will be realized.