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Budget bill regs applauded

Throughout Ohio, many of its 88 counties along with many of the villages, cities and townships are sensibly operating in regard to financial elements.

The issue at hand is not those who are being responsible, but those who are not.

This is because with the current laws, the Auditor of State Dave Yost is limited on the regulations and requirements for those in fiscal trouble to correct the issues prior to the state taking over the finances of the municipality.

That is the aim with a portion of current legislation that would oblige all local entities to use the same principles as state entities.

Moreover, a section of House Bill 337 would necessitate that budgeting be balanced and completed on real revenues rather than projected revenues.

This is the right decision, and the legislation will ultimately help provide a clear direction and allow a tangible recourse for those charged with enforcing responsible practices.

Although many may have local legislation in place that have these types of requirements, enacting this at a state level across the board will help in alleviating many of those who are either in or are facing a fiscal emergency, fiscal watch or fiscal caution.

To date the state has not had these regulations, unfortunately, and being practical with the standards helps others avoid a result that 34 municipalities currently face throughout Ohio.