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Different picture of doctor

In regards to Dr. Richard E. Paulus — a world-renowned heart specialist, a friend and a very professional care provider that gave his all to a vast multitude of patients who are walking and breathing because of this physician’s sincere, professional and personal care — we are alive today.

I’ve spoken to many patients who reiterated this man’s dedication with story after story accounting his dedication to his patients awakening from a deep anesthetic after successful heart surgery in the wee hours of the morning, their eyes opening to see the angel of heart health sitting on their bedside, offering himself totally — not only as the patient’s caring physician but also as a friend.

What a guy, what a friend, what a doctor.

My personal account — I was stricken with acute heart pains. Bruce Craft, director of Central Park, rushed me to the King’s Daughters Medical Center emergency room.

A few hours later I was rushed to the heart cath lab. Dr. Paulus appeared with his nice smile, his very professional care, attitude and advice to a confused heart patient. His word is as good as gold.

My boss at Preston Funeral Home in Paintsville was placed in Dr. Paulus’ care with an acute emergency — a condition known as the “widow maker.” With Dr. Paulus’ knowledge and skill, Mr. Preston is fine. He and I have been able to continue enjoying life with our loved ones for these past several years.

Now we find or prominent physician with a legal “widow maker.” A monumental lawsuit with a vast array of accusations. Legal ambulance chasers promoting a case against this fine doctor. Self-interest from attorneys became paramount, with half of the front page depicting Dr. Paulus as a dishonest individual, painting pictures of a man with no concern, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet it seems lies for self-interest trickle down from our current and past presidents. I and countless others live and breathe because of this great doctor. It is our belief that this doctor is one of a kind. A kind and considerate man and a professional physician who lives by God’s law and the code he swore to as a licensed physician.

My God protect him, offer him comfort and safety and solidly maintain his faith as a Christian doctor.


Charles Duke Sheridan