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Road work better late than never

At long last, the residents of Chesapeake will begin to see repairs to a major road hazard.

Those who commute on that busy east-west state route will also feel the impact of the work that has been a long time coming.

Despite multiple landslides onto State Route 7/Rockwood Avenue over the past several years, crippling the thoroughfare for motorists, the Ohio Department of Transportation did not consider the situation an emergency.

With the frequent heavy spring rains the Tri-State gets each year, the situation seemed like an emergency to village officials, and rightfully so.

The project to tie-back the hillside will finally begin Monday.

Even though the upcoming three months of work will likely be a headache for motorists, the project, once it is complete, will correct an issue that has long plagued the village.

Since ODOT did not declare the slip an emergency, the agency had to go through the traditional and lengthy bidding process. Original plans to build a retaining wall were scrapped and new plans had to be developed for a tie-back.

We applaud village officials for being patient during the entire process and we urge motorists to exercise that same patience during the next several months of work.