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Victims of abuse need support

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

Think about all the women you know or have met, even in the past week. It’s sad, but chances are a few of them have been, or still are, victims of domestic violence.

It’s not always something you can tell just by looking at a person. And not all victims of domestic violence come forward to report their abuse.

Next week, the Ironton campus of Ohio University Southern will display its first Clothesline Project — an exhibit of decorated T-shirts made by victims and the friends or family of victims of domestic violence.

The national project was started in 1990 in Massachusetts as a way for those who have been abused to express their emotions.

Thanks to student activities assistant and member of the college’s council on diversity, Michelle Dotts, this will be the first time OUS has participated, and we hope the project continues.

Having an outlet of expression has the potential to help many people who may have thought they didn’t have a voice in the fight against domestic violence.

We encourage everyone to check out the display next week at OUS. The display will be up through March 21.

And those who have been victims of abuse, we encourage you to participate in the project, as T-shirts are provided by the university.

Domestic violence is a real problem and it should not remain a private matter of those directly involved. It is everyone’s business.