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Police Report—3/17/14

Aggravated burglary — 500 block County Road 59, Apt 1, Chesapeake, woman reported four unidentified men allegedly broke into residence and beat up her boyfriend; she said they were looking for money.

Burglary — 1100 County Road 181, Ironton, March 5, residence broken into, change, jewelry taken.

Domestic violence, retaliation, criminal damaging, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer — Grandview Inn, South Point, March 7, man allegedly threatened to kill and break the windows out of his child’s mother’s car who was staying at the Grandview; man allegedly fled when deputies arrived and broke the windows of four of the woman’s family member’s vehicles at their homes; man spotted back at the motel and fled from police; man was later arrested by Huntington Police; Brandon Locklear, 25, of 3304 Third Ave., Huntington, arrested.

Telecommunication harassment, retaliation — Residence in Waterloo and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, March 7, man allegedly called woman and threaten to kill the woman’s husband and burn their house down; same man allegedly made four separate calls from the same man in which he threaten various personnel at sheriff’s office; Ronald Koster, 66, of 357 County Road 16, Pedro, arrested.

Breaking and entering — 1600 block County Road 1, South Point, March 7, out building broken into, tools taken.

Assault, criminal damaging — 1000 block County Road 1, South Point, March 8, man alleged unidentified man kicked his car and beat him up.

Burglary — 10 block Township Road 1412, Chesapeake, March 9, residence broken into, jewelry taken.

Domestic violence — 3400 block County Road 115, Chesapeake, woman alleged husband tried to hit her, negative contact with suspect.

Cruelty to animals — 300 block State Route 373, Pedro, March 9, man alleged neighbor shot and killed one of his chickens.