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Take back event can offer help

Too often, we hear or read about a death from a drug overdose, or someone who is addicted to drugs and has committed various crimes.

In many cases, any or all of these things revolve around an assortment of prescription medications.

Later this month, county residents can participate in the Drug Take Back program through the Lawrence-Scioto County Solid Waste Management District, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital’s Ironton Urgent Care.

This is an important step in the right direction to curb what has continually been a growing problem not only within the county but throughout the state.

This program, in its second year, looks to provide those who have various types of medications and dispensing materials the ability to dispose of unused or unwanted items properly.

Not only will this help increase the likelihood the proper discarding process takes place, but this decreases the ability of those not prescribed the medication access.

The collaborative effort also works to lessen crime that can frequently be attributed to someone who is addicted, and wants the drugs for any number of reasons.

Ultimately, the program requires the participation of residents to make it a success. Doing so not only affords the opportunity to get rid of these items responsibly, but can make a difference in another person’s life.