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Charity Workers recognized

HANGING ROCK — The Ohio University Southern Early Childhood Development Center had a ceremony Tuesday to honor those who have impacted the center through charity work.

The show of appreciation saw members of the Ironton City Health Department, Dickess Auto and Backpack Buddies receive recognition for their work with children in Lawrence County.

“Some of our children are less fortunate than others,” said center teacher, Kristen Carr. “When you have programs like the Backpack Buddies and the bike giveaway that Dickess does, it’s so special. I get emotional talking about it.”

After the ceremony was over, staff at the center sat down for snacks and refreshments with the award recipients. At the table stories of generosity were traded, and oftentimes the goodwill of Lawrence Countians surprised the group.

“I’ve been amazed by how giving this community is,” John Dickess said. “People will often times give things they probably can’t afford but they do it anyway. When it’s for a good cause, our people will step up and help. They really will.”

One instance Dickess specifically recalled was a story about a man and his donation.

“This one elderly man he came by the shop three or four times asking about our bike giveaway,” Dickess said. “He just wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up. Once he realized it was, he brought us back a check. A check for a thousand bucks and told us to buy some bikes with it.”

Before the ceremony the children at the center treated the guests to a musical performance.