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Fishing day continues to inspire

While getting out and enjoying the weather would seem like an easy thing to do, this is not always the case.

For many throughout the county and region, it is not as simple as heading out the door to take a hike or go fishing at Lake Vesuvius.

For anyone with physical limitations, whether it be because of a person’s age or health; again this year the forest service at Wayne National Forest in conjunction with several sponsors afforded those the opportunity to get out and enjoy the day fishing at the 11th annual Wheelin’ Sportsman Fishing day at Lake Vesuvius.

We encourage all those who have not had the good fortune of attending, make plans to go next year.

While some may say it is simply a token effort, those who attend or partake in the event would tell you otherwise.

Regardless, this event is about those participating to accomplish something they otherwise may not get to.

Seeing this event grow each year along with seeing the faces of those participating and attending is something you simply cannot place a value on.

This experience is important for both those who participate and those who put the event on each year.

While the event may only last a few hours one day each year, these are memories that will last a lifetime for many residents of Lawrence County.