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Flagpole erected at sheriff’s office

Past Commander of the Sons of the American Legion Squadron No. 433 of Ironton Arthur Pierson drove by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office one day and noticed that he didn’t notice something.

“I drove by and noticed there was no American flag,” Pierson said. “I heard there used to be one on the roof years ago, but I don’t remember ever seeing one.”

Pierson and fellow members of squadron No. 433 sprang into action and made it their mission to rectify the absence of Old Glory.

“We started a campaign in January to raise the money,” Pierson said. “We got the OK and encouragement from the mayor and sheriff. We like to give back to the community, especially to the police and fire departments. We like to do what we can to help.”

Commander of Squadron No. 433 of the Sons of the American Legion John Ackerman said Pierson spearheaded the fundraising effort and ensured it kept going.

Pierson, along with fellow squadron members Frank Murphy, Tom McClaine, Bobby Grizzle, Mark Moore, T.J. Baker and Charles Fisher, put the finishing touches on the flag about three weeks ago.

“If another public or government building needs a flag,” Pierson said, “we will help get one as long as we can afford it.”

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless expressed his appreciation for the group’s efforts.

“In my 27 years at the sheriff’s office I’ve always wanted a flag in front of the building and the Sons of the American Legion felt the same way,” Lawless said. “I’m very glad to have it. It’s important to show patriotism at a government building and we are grateful to the Sons of the American Legion for helping us do that.”

Ackerman said the squadron annually organizes and sponsors events, like the Flags of Honor.

“Last year we had the (Vietman) Traveling Wall (Memorial),” Ackerman said. “We get a lot of support we couldn’t do it without that support and we have a lot of fundraisers and that is how we get our money.”

Before the flag and pole could be placed at the sheriff’s office on South Fifth Street members of the squadron had to coordinate with the City of Ironton because of regulations in regard to the tree line.

“It’s very honorable of them,” Ironton Mayor Rich Blankenship, said. “They give a lot to our community and we appreciate everything they do.”