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Don’t waste rare second opportunities

It’s a sad reality, but the truth is, many people who succumb to the temptation of drugs never find their way back to sobriety.

Addiction is a slippery slope that can alienate a person from their family and friends, cause serious health problems and even lead to a life of crime and possibly death.

In Lawrence County, a week doesn’t go by where more than a few people appear before judges to answer for crimes committed either directly or indirectly related to drug abuse.

Last week, a South Point woman who had been given the ultimate second chance proved that people who really want to change, can change.

The woman had been given the option of treatment in lieu of conviction last year after being charged with a serious felony — second-degree illegal manufacture of drugs.

Treatment in lieu of conviction essentially means a defendant is given the opportunity to complete drug treatment programs rather than be sent to prison. If the programs are successfully completed, the judge will find the defendant not guilty of the crime. It’s an opportunity very few defendants are given.

Thankfully, this particular woman found the strength within herself to get the help she needed and is on her way to becoming and remaining a productive member of the community.

Sometimes people make mistakes and deserve a second chance. Although some people squander that second chance, some choose to take full advantage of the opportunity to succeed.

As sensational as a news story about drug crimes can be, it is much better news that defendants are given the help they need and even better when they succeed.