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Elected officials in a stalemate

I read with total disgust the petty bickering concerning the state of Ohio’s worst jail, currently condemned or threat of quick closure of a structure not suitable for animals much less human confinement, a jail folks have died in.

Where is our governor or state representatives in this severe lock-up circumstance? Politics and red tape amongst our elected officials are in a stalemate.

Other priorities take over and state needs are met while southern Ohio suffers. We as always are the back end of the dog.

Look at the promised Chesapeake Bypass assured by three or four administrations. I took my valued time and wrote a positive recommendation for a possible fix, no response from anyone ever, though the general public applauded my interest and input.

We have a new $52 million state-owned jail 15 minutes away.

I pray Sheriff Lawless and one or all elected commissioners take it upon their own shoulders and stand up for beautiful southern Ohio. Representatives, go to Columbus or Washington. Sit on the governor or congressmen’s desk. Demand for what we deserve or sit and wait for Obama to fix everything.

Someone I hope can at least try to fix the problem. At least try, please.


Duke Sheridan