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Rock Hill donations to Spielman Foundation earns scholarships

Staff Report


PEDRO — Providing help got the Rock Hill school district a little help of its own.

The Rock Hill athletic boosters and community raised $6,880 in this year’s Stefanie Spielman Foundation game and activities. The money raised goes to the Spielman Foundation to fight breast cancer.

The boosters elected not to accepted their share of the revenue and sent the entire amount to the foundation.

For the booster club and community efforts, the Spielman Foundation has awarded the Rock Hill district $2,500 for two $1,250 scholarships that were awarded to Logan Boggs and Sabrina Henderson.

The scholarships were awarded for giving the second-largest donation in the state of Ohio to the Spielman Foundation this current school year.

Rock Hill guidance counselor Bob Wilds said the booster club “would like to thank all the student-athletes, coaches, teachers, students, and runners in the first 5K run for Breast Cancer Awareness and everyone involved during this event.

“The booster club would like to encourage everyone to participate in the events for the 2014-15 school year and would love to bring home additional scholarships for the Rock Hill community.”