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Memorial Hall demo necessary

This week, workers began the demolition of Ironton’s Memorial Hall.

While it was a tough decision, the current state of the structure did not leave any other options for restoration that were financially feasible for the city.

City officials are hopeful parts of the hall are can be saved and we hope those portions can remain viable so they can be incorporated into a memorial park where residents can gather with their families.

While green space and a park will be a nice addition to the city, it is important — and possibly the most challenging in the long-term — to have a strong plan in place to ensure a new public site receives proper maintenance and is a safe environment for those wanting to visit.

While it was difficult to see the start of the demolition to Ironton’s Memorial Hall, it will be important for those charged with the project to follow through with a finished product that both honors the past while serving as a community gathering place for years to come.

Memorial Hall will always be an important aspect of Ironton’s heritage — and it should be —but working to enhance the future is an essential component of moving forward as a community.