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Strutting their stuff


Judge Aubrey Carey stood in the middle of the South Ironton Industrial Park Horse Arena watching two exhibitors compete in the beginner walk/trot class.

“I remember a time when there would be 30 people here,” she said. “Back when I was in 4-H there were a lot more people involved.”

The ever-decreasing participation in 4-H and small number of entrants — seven in all — didn’t quell anyone’s enthusiasm; parents and supporters lined the edges of the arena on Saturday spouting their support as riders came within earshot.

It was the Lawrence County 4-H Horse Show and also its Lawrence County Fair show since the event no longer takes place at the fairgrounds.

“(The 4-H Horse Committee) tries every way we can to promote it,” Carey, who serves on the committee and is also owner of Adkins Quarter Horses, said. “There are a lot of horse kids in this area but it seems no one takes advantage of it.”

Exhibitors competed in 20 different classes at the event.

Lawrence County 4-H has more than 700 members, 130 adult volunteers, 30 clubs and offers more than 150 projects. Anyone age 5 and in kindergarten to age 19 can join. Opportunities such as scholarships, trips and becoming a youth leader are offered by 4-H.

Call 740-533-4322 to join and get assistance in finding the 4-H club in your area.