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End term limits for mayor

Iam writing this letter in hopes that Ironton City Council will revisit and vote again on a charter change, which will allow a mayor to run for more than two terms.

The thought came to me when I heard a co-worker discussing the number of years they had the same mayor in their city. If a mayor were re-elected for over 20 years, then the people of his city must have wanted him there. So my question is this, why would we want to change mayors when everything is going well for Ironton?

Mayor Blankenship has done a remarkable job in the almost seven years he has led this city.

Without his leadership would we have a new bridge? Would we be looking at the future of a revitalized waterfront and would we be getting a hotel?

Would Ironton be alive again and would there be the same number of grants to the city that have been given? Would we have all the new restaurants and businesses and would it feel like “finally” we are growing?

Mayor Blankenship was in charge when our economy was at the worst it has been for years and here we are surviving and still growing. I don’t think the average voter realizes that amending the charter is not done by city council, it is voted on by the electorate.

Let the people decide what is best for the city and if they want to choose someone else, then at least it is their decision. I think we deserve to have a voice in what Ironton’s future will be. I am asking that city council revisit this and put it on the ballot in the fall.

I am not from Ironton, but have chosen to live and raise my family here. I love the small-town ambiance, the historical significance it has and, of course, the people. My husband and I believe strongly in the future of Ironton, with the right leadership, a leader who obviously puts in the hours and places enormous value on hard work and the results it produces.

Term limits should be in the hands of the electorate. If we have found the right person for the job, why penalize the city by not allowing him to continue with his vision for a bright and prosperous Ironton?


Lisa Huff