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Top vote getter biggest spender

The two winners in last month’s primary race for Lawrence County Commission outspent their opponents as they sought their party’s nomination for the general election in November, according to pre and post primary campaign finance reports.

Top spender was incumbent Freddie Hayes Jr. who reported that he spent a total of $20,729 to beat his opponent, Wayne Taylor, on the Republican side. Of his expenditures $9,877.69 went for the printing of campaign materials; $4,627.35 to the U.S. Post Office for postage; $600 for Web page set up; $3,108.50 for donations by the candidate to events put on by schools and community clubs; $500 to the Republican Central Committee; $1,500.50 for newspaper advertising; $215 for cable television advertising; and $300 for additional advertising.

Hayes’ campaign reported that it received a total of $22,300 in monetary contributions, of which $21,300 came from the candidate. The remaining $1,000 in contributions came from five individuals with the two largest single donations at $300 each. Hayes’ treasurer was Mary Wippert

Taylor reported that he spent $11,577.72 on his primary campaign. Of that $2,901.99 went for campaign materials; $4,262.60 for postage; $500 to the Republican Central Committee; $1,583.29 for signs; $1,211.15 to a Columbus-based strategy firm for surveys and robocalls; $54 for T-shirts; $669 for radio ads; $285 for donations by the candidate to service clubs and schools; and $110.69 for election day food. He reported receiving no monetary contributions. Taylor’s treasurer was his wife, Melanie Herrell Taylor.

Hayes beat Taylor 2,444 to 1,659.

Tim Edwards, who faced Tanner Heaberlin on the Democratic ticket, reported that he received $2,460 in monetary contributions — $1,060 from the candidate and the rest from members of the Democratic Central Committee — and spent $2,320.32 on his campaign. Of that he spent $896.12 in campaign materials; $824.85 on postage; $420.68 on signs; $60 to the Ohio Ethics Commission to file an ethics report; $75.90 to the board of elections for copies; $18.45 to PNC Bank for check printing fee; and $25 for a newspaper political ad. Edwards was his own treasurer.

Heaberlin reported that he received no contributions and spent $39.95 on registering a website. Heaberlin was his own treasurer.

Edwards beat Heaberlin 944 to 691.