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Insurance branch moving to Proctorville

CHESAPEAKE — The State Farm Insurance offices in Chesapeake will be moving east as the firm headed by Rickey Shifko sets to open new offices in Proctorville.

Shifko’s new State Farm offices will be located on State Street, a location that he said was much more convenient for his clients.

“We’re moving to try and better accommodate our clients,” Shifko said. “The new location is going to be easier to get to and it’s going to stand out more. They are going to be able to see our offices from the road. Where we are right now is kind of hidden.”

The new Proctorville location will be a bigger and more spacious site as the insurance offices move into the former Klien Hall law firm building.

“We currently only have three offices right now,” Shifko said. “At the new location we are going to have seven office spaces so we will be able to accommodate more clients at one time.”

The move is also designed to place the State Farm location in the forethought of the minds of eastern Lawrence County residents who need insurance coverage.

“It is just a move that will make us more visible and accessible to the community,” Shifko said. “We want to be at the top of the public’s mind when it comes to insurance and we think this move will help us do that.”

The move is expected to be complete by the first of August.