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Complete disregard for the law

It is shocking just how quickly a fun holiday weekend can turn deadly.

An elderly Proctorville couple died in their home this past Saturday morning from what investigators believe to have been a fire caused by embers from fireworks.

Not only that, but fireworks that are illegal to shoot off in the State of Ohio.

Everyone knows that fireworks are a fun and patriotic way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but there are laws restricting the use of some specific types and those laws are in place for a reason.

Unfortunately, an innocent family had to pay the price for someone else’s disregard for the law.

The type of fireworks suspected to have been used were 1.4G, which can include firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles and fountains. While these are available to buy in Ohio, retailers require a signature at the time of purchase that is basically a promissory note that the buyer will take those fireworks out of the state to use.

Investigators need help finding who shot off the fireworks that caused this fire. The person or people responsible should be held accountable for their careless and unlawful actions.

We urge anyone who may have seen or heard something to call State Fire Marshal’s Fire and Explosion Investigation Bureau at 1-800-589-2728.