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Citizens must let police lead

Over the last month, a rash of robberies have hit the South Point community. What started out as residential thefts has now turned into robberies at a couple of business locations right outside the village limits over the holiday weekend.

Local law enforcement and residents of the village and Burlington are now on heightened alert, watching for anything that looks suspicious.

While this type of activity causes problems and inhibition for both residents and law enforcement, it is essential to remember for residents to not take matters into your own hands.

Contact the police or sheriff’s department and let them know of the activity. While it can be difficult, this is the best and safest approach.

Once the suspects are caught by law enforcement, it is important to hold them accountable for their actions through the judicial process.

While it can be hard because of overcrowding in the jail, it is vital because others see there are severe consequences for their actions.

This can ultimately help be a deterrent for those who may be thinking of committing a crime.

It is also important to remain vigilant and watch for suspicious activity and allow law enforcement to take the lead.

Doing this, residents and businesses can feel safe again.