Biomass should pay taxes

Published 9:21 am Friday, October 10, 2014

Finally, it looks as if Lawrence County is nearing the end of a legal battle to recoup back taxes from a Kentucky company holding land in South Point.

This week, Magistrate D.L. McWhorter approved a motion for a default judgment against Biomass, which owes nearly $50,000 to the county.

County Treasurer Stephen Burcham has given Biomass more than enough time and opportunities to make payments on the money owed and the last time the company paid anything on its parcels was in 2012.

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As frustrating as these types of cases can be for county officials, those who have school-aged children should be especially frustrated.

Of the more than $47,000 that is owed in back taxes, 75 percent is owed to the South Point Local School District and the Board of Development Disabilities District.

That is money that could have been well spent on books, classroom equipment and other supplies or facilities improvements.

The majority of public schools’ funding comes from taxes, and Biomass must join all other property owners in doing its part to ensure Lawrence County’s children are getting a quality education.

We commend the treasurer’s office and court system for working diligently to make sure Biomass pays what is rightfully owed.