Obama ruining U.S.

Published 10:08 am Friday, November 14, 2014

In a previous letter to the editor, Ironton resident Sue Jenkins named all the good things that Obama has done. I guess she has blinders on for the bad things he has done.

First, hiring people who are not qualified to hold office, and when they get caught, told don’t tell the truth, pleaded the Fifth, then promote that person to a higher job. His Obamacare is nothing but a higher tax on companies and workers, with less coverage and greater out-of-pocket expense.

Of course if you are counting on greater lies to the American people, Obama is No. 1.

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If he were Pinocchio, his nose would be so long he wouldn’t be able to get on a 747 airplane. All he has done is make our country a freeloading country.

If you think that makes him a great president, then you must be one of them who think you are entitled to everything without working. That would make him great. Sit at home and wait for a free phone, free food, free rent and a welfare check to boot, not to mention free health care. Boy, that does sound like a great president.

Someone, however, has to pay the bill for all your free stuff — the poor working men and women. When no one accepts our dollar anymore and it crashes, then all free stuff will cease because our money will be useless, and that’s not far down the road.

I wonder when that happens how proud will you be because he just kept printing money with no way to pay.

What will you think when all the free stuff he has given to get your vote stops for all freeloaders, and everyone else, like workers who have worked 45 to 50 years and they will have no Social Security, no health care because we as a nation are broke?


Homer Campbell