Police reports for Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014

Published 10:09 am Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sheriff’s reports

Petty theft — Food Fair parking lot, Proctorville, Dec. 27, iPhone stolen; suspect named.

Theft without consent — 30 block Township Road 185, Chesapeake, Dec. 27, revolver taken from residence.

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Petty theft — A private drive in South Point, Dec. 28, firearm taken from residence.

Petty theft, breaking and entering, safe cracking — 300 block County Road 410, South Point, Dec. 28, employee suspected of breaking into Little Caesar’s and stealing $320.

Burglary, vandalism — 30 block Township Road 1123, Proctorville, Dec. 27, man alleged grandson broke into a locked room in his home.

Burglary, menacing, criminal trespass — 1400 block Township Road 205, Proctorville, Dec. 27, woman alleged her sister’s boyfriend came into her home uninvited and screamed and demanded for her to call her sister.

Burglary, criminal damaging — A private drive in South Point, Dec. 29, woman alleged man came into her apartment uninvited and threatened her boyfriend; woman alleged suspect also damaged her boyfriend’s truck.

Delinquent child, criminal damaging — 8000 block State Route 522, Pedro, Dec. 26, woman alleged her brother, whom she takes care of, punched holes in the wall.

Theft of motor vehicle — 3600 block State Route 7, Chesapeake, Dec. 28, Chevy Cavalier stolen.

Theft — Leo’s Carry Out, County Road 1, South Point, Dec. 26, employees reported a woman left store without paying for beer.

Theft of motor vehicle — A private drive off County Road 15 in South Point, Dec. 27, man alleged vehicle not returned from suspect who borrowed it.

Domestic violence, endangering children — A private drive in Proctorville, Dec. 24, woman alleged ex-boyfriend assaulted her while she was moving out of his home; suspect allegedly rammed the woman’s van with her 13-year-old son inside; negative contact with suspect.

Theft — County Road 107, Proctorville, Dev. 27, binders, chains and tarps taken from parked work truck.