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‘Different’ church is just right

I don’t need any church people telling me how I’m not living right and, if I’m going anywhere, it certainly isn’t Heaven.

I think as a young person we look at life in decades instead of days and years. We become so intrigued with milestones in life such as starting school, turning 16, going to college, getting married.

Then it strikes us without warning; we have grown older than all our milestones. Yes, that distance to the next milestone has abruptly ended and we’re in the passing zone quickly approaching 40, 50, 60 or even older.

In an instant we try to slow everything down to a stop if possible; but time waits for no man. What lies ahead, old age and death?

The Bible tells us the Lord gives strength to his people and blesses them with peace. How can we find this strength and peace?

We found the answers at Salt and Light church in Ashland, located at 2020 Carter Ave.

We had been in church pretty much all our lives. As we stood in Walmart listening to a friend describe a church so eccentric that my husband and I decided to check it out.

When we entered the church we were prepared to hear the band on stage playing church music. It was loud and, how do I say it, really good.

Of course our eyes were quickly diverted to the drummer. He was the pastor. He did not put you in the mind of a pastor; he did look like a drummer though. He dressed more like a drummer, too.

We sit up in the balcony, which provided us with an overview of the church. The pastor referred to the congregation as the fruit loops in a bowl of Cheerios. The church is a no judge zone, and I saw no judging.

They served breakfast before church, they had children and teen classes and the sermon was awesome. It is a short lesson that you can spend the rest of the week meditating on.

They reach out to the homeless, inviting them to church and serving a meal on Saturdays donated by people in the church for anyone who cares to come and eat. They have recovery meetings dealing with addictions and any other issues one may be facing.

Come and visit us. Sunday school starts at 10 a.m. and church starts at 11.


Carla Wilson