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Brickhouse Cardio has Silver Sneakers open house

ROME TOWNSHIP — Angie George, owner of Brickhouse Cardio, wanted to inform seniors about the Silver Sneakers program and the class that is offered at her studio.

“I wanted to have an open house and do a little demonstration of the exercises that we do in the class,” she said. “This is called the classic class and it’s designed by Silver Sneakers to help seniors live independently longer.”

The class focuses on strength, flexibility and coordination.

Members of Silver Sneakers along with people who were thinking about joining were in attendance at the open house Friday morning.

“I like the exercises, Dale Clark, of Proctorville said. “It’s good especially in the winter when I don’t have grass to cut. It keeps me active and I think it’s good for you.”

Clark has been a Silver Sneakers member since October.

Strengthening muscles is one of the main points of the Silver Sneakers class.

“In women and sometimes in men, bone density is something that can be an issue,” George said. “We work on building muscle mass around the bones to protect them.”

Flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination are a big part of Silver Sneakers as well and members have seen the benefits of it.

“I started about six weeks ago and my balance and flexibility are better just in six weeks,” Phyllis Combs, of Chesapeake said. “I hope to be here for a long time and keep improving my flexibility and balance.”

Not only is Silver Sneakers beneficial physically, but the social aspect of it is also a big part of what it is about.

“It’s a very social class and that’s a very important thing as they age,” George said. “Especially in the winter.”

Linda Collins, of Proctorville, was there to observe what the Silver Sneakers class is like and possibly join.

“I wanted to see what it was about because I’m a widow, and I have arthritis all over my body. I also had both knees replaced, so I have pain,” she said. “I have injections put into my back and neck because of arthritis pain. I hate to get those injections all the time, and I think this will be good instead of just sitting around too much and being lazy.”

George runs the Silver Sneakers classes at Brickhouse Cardio, and she very popular among the members.

“You can’t beat Angie,” Combs said. “She is so upbeat and makes it fun.”

Silver Sneakers is offered as part of some supplemental insurance programs. To find out if it is part of a supplemental insurance, call the insurance company or call George at 304-633-1970. Drop-ins are welcome to participate for $5.

Silver Sneakers classes are offered at Brickhouse Cardio Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.