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LSSWMD good for county

At a time when government agencies at all levels are continually ineffective, due in part to political grandstanding, it is important to spotlight the good work of the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District, as they work to curb illegal dumping throughout the county.

Over the past several years, the organization has not only worked to prevent illegal dumping, but it has held events throughout the year to promote awareness. These events include prescription take back days, various recycling events and cleanup days that aim to tidy up Lawrence County.

The organization and staff, in conjunction with the Lawrence County prosecutor’s office and courts, are working effectively to alleviate many of the crimes committed that involve hazardous waste and illegal dumping.

While funding is always a pressing issue, especially for government agencies, the LSSWMD typically does more with less.

It is important to have this agency within the county to provide not only a resource that works to make our county and region shine, but a reliable and visible outlet for residents to use.

While the agency can work diligently to curb illegal dumping, it is essential for residents to make use of this asset and alert a member of the organization they see someone dumping trash.

Working together will allow the goal of eradicating the county and community of hazardous waste and dumping to be realized.