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County needs funds now

When waiting for a decision, whether it is for a response on a home loan or after applying for a job, sometimes that waiting is the hardest part.

That is certainly the case for those who had to wait nearly a year and a half after sending a letter to the Ohio Auditor of State’s office regarding a payment of $250,000 received by the county from LM Associates for the property where Sherman Thompson Towers sits.

While we understand that the state auditors office may have many requests for opinions on various matters, waiting that long for an opinion leaves a lot to be desired. This is especially true because after lingering and sending multiple letters, the response essentially provided no help to our county leaders.

The reply merely put it back on county officials to determine the proper course of action and then send back to the state auditors office to ensure compliance with the law.

County officials were wise to seek the opinion because of the potential ramifications if the money was spent and then deemed not in accordance with the law.

While this may be perceived as a small amount in the overall budget, $250,000 can help our county fund various projects, like the county jail.

This money is needed sooner, rather than later.