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Marco auditions to take place at Marshall University

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Would you like to be the front man for Marshall University?

It is a simple, but cool, role to play. He wears Kelly green, has horns, and rides a motorcycle on a football field. Kids love him. Fans adore him. Rivals fear him.

He goes by the name of … Marco.

If you are a Marshall University student, you could be Marco, all the while enjoying the perks that come with being him.

Marshall University students who want to represent the university in a very fun way are invited to try out for the role of Marco, MU’s award-winning mascot.

Marshall is seeking three students to play Marco — two of whom will be working with the athletic department and one of whom will be working with the office of university communications.

Students selected to play Marco with the Athletic Department will receive some perks, such as:

• $1,000 per-semester scholarship

• Free textbook rental from the University Bookstore during semester(s) employed

• Free on-campus parking

• Travel with athletic teams

• Nike Apparel cheer clothing, including shoes

• Strength trainer

• Handler to help during games

Students selected to portray Marco with the office of university communications will receive the following compensation:

• Student assistant position

• $12/hour + travel expense reimbursement for appearances

• Travel apparel

• Free on-campus parking

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Friday, April 10. To apply, go to www.marshall.edu/bemarcoand click on Apply Now.

Each applicant will be asked to come to the Office of University Communications (Old Main 213) the week of April 13 for an information session about what it takes to be Marco. Tryouts with the cheer squad will then take place at a site and time to be determined.

Marco is seen practically everywhere — at sporting events, university functions and as a “spokes-bison” at selected private events. He could be traveling with an athletic team as a part of the cheer squad, or he could be helping blow out the candles at a child’s birthday party. Or, he could be taking part in another part of university life. You never know what might come up!

Marco will attend all home and some away football games and home men’s and women’s basketball contests, including home contests during university class breaks. Marco will attend away contests as determined by the department of athletics.

Marco will attend numerous official university functions and alumni events, such as groundbreakings, open houses, homecoming festivities, student recruitment and community events. Marco also will attend some private functions, such as birthday parties, as designated and approved by the Office of University Communications.