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Take responsibility for yourself

Michael Reagan has done the Democrats a favor by doing research about a now dead Democrat who took much hatred from his party about the truth (the destruction of black families) and many whites also who would rather “go with the flow” and have children out of wedlock.

We would be a much better nation if people took personal responsibilities of “motherhood” and “fatherhood” than what is going on now. Many children have never seen their real dad and have brothers and sisters who all have another father who cares not for them.

It’s no wonder that they look up to easy money in drugs. They have no leadership in the home, no one to look up to, so many quit school, get no education, learn no trade and wind up like how they were raised on government assistance, never want to work as long as they can sit at home and wait for a check.

Personal responsibility starts with you. Not someone else. Look at those who have made something of themselves and do the same.


Homer Campbell