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Honoring those who serve

This time of year throughout the county one will find patriotism on full display leading up to the Memorial Day holiday.

That will certainly be the case again this year, as several events are scheduled to honor those men and women who served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

All of these events are important because they not only allow us to show our thanks, but they foster a sense of community and provide residents a place to gather together.

Several of these events include Navy Night on Thursday, which honors maritime branches of the military. The there is the annual service at Woodland Cemetery on Sunday.

Other events will be in downtown Ironton and throughout the region that all conclude with the Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade on Monday, which is the longest continuous parade in the United States.

Simply put, most of us are related or know someone who served in one of the branches of the military. Each of these events affords a chance to remember those who served and also those currently serving.

Our region is a special place that has a longstanding tradition of holding events for Memorial Day, but we encourage residents to continue this patriotism all year long.