Honoring special breed

Published 12:48 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

Firefighters have a tough job. Not only are the hours terrible — they can be called out during dinner or in the middle of a deep sleep — but the job is also very dangerous.

There are not too many among us who would run into a burning building to save a stranger or, in some cases, a stranger’s pet. That would be crazy.

But here is the really crazy part. Most of the firefighters in Lawrence County do it all absolutely free, with no pay.

Volunteer fire departments are an invaluable resource for our county and do a whole lot for the residents here without much in the way of funding, relying on grants and tax levies.

While we should be continually thanking them, the Elizabeth Township Volunteer Fire Department is having a Community Fun Day on Saturday at St. Mary Catholic Church off County Road 26 to say thank you for the support the community has shown them.

The day begins with a parade, followed by an afternoon of activities for children and adults, live music and food — all at no cost to attendees.

This is the third year the fire department has put on the event and we hope the community will be there to support their efforts.

Firefighters save lives and for that, we should always be grateful and appreciative. Head out to the fun day and tell firefighters just how important they are.