1st timer and veteran take top prizes

Published 12:13 pm Friday, July 17, 2015

ROME TOWNSHIP — Determination and constant attention to their projects were the reasons given for those 4-Hers taking top honors in the market rabbit show on Monday.

Taking grand champion trophy was Cody Bragg of Getaway Go-getters in his first time to compete at the 4-H fair.

“It is pretty good,” Cody said. “It is a nice feeling. It is exciting.”

The Chesapeake Middle School student competed with a California and got into competing with rabbits because he saw how much fun his friends had showing rabbits.

The key to his success, he said, was the care that he gave them.

“I treat them the right way,” he said.

“I don’t overfeed, have water and have a fan to cool them off in the summer.”

Reserve champion went to Bryce Whitehead of Gingham and Denim. This was the first win for the eight-year veteran of 4-H competitions.

“It feels pretty good,” Bryce said. “I always knew I had it in me if I could bring it out. I am pretty excited.”

Like Cody, Bryce attributes his success to the care he gave his New Zealand.

“It takes a lot of time,” he said. “And determination. You have to have it in your head that you can do it.”

Judging the market show were husband and wife, Joey and Stacy Martin from Wilmington.

“The rabbits were really good, a nice quality,” Stacy Martin said.

Both judges said the competitors were respectful and polite.

“No one was rude, ever,” Joey Martin said.