Programs benefit youth

Published 12:22 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the past decade, the Tools4School program started by St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ironton has served several thousand students with school supplies to ensure they and their families can focus on learning and not about ensuring students have the needed supplies.

This year will be no different. On Aug. 1, St. Paul’s along with several other churches and volunteers will be lined up on Center Street to provide our youth with those school supplies and other items to get the school year started on a positive note.

While the event started with one church, it has grown leaps and bounds with the support from other churches and the community over the years. This event would not be possible without all that support.

We commend all those who have been involved from the first year through this year’s event, as it truly takes a community- driven effort to keep this going each year.

Although many preparations for the event have been made, residents, businesses and organizations can still provide a helping hand in a variety of ways that will benefit our young residents.

Our youth face many challenges and pressures in today’s society, but working together to ensure supplies aren’t one of those obstacles can make a huge difference.