Coal Grove residents to vote on fire levy

Published 3:09 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2015

COAL GROVE — The Coal Grove City Council voted Tuesday to place a 2 mil tax levy on the November ballot that would bring in money to buy a new fire engine and equipment for the fire department.

The decision was made at an informational meeting where Coal Grove Fire Chief Gary Sherman spoke about the departments aging equipment. That would bring in $40,250 a year and cost the owner of a $100,000 house $63 annually.

Sherman proposed the levy because the fire department needs to replace a fire engine that will soon be 30 years old and no longer up to regulations. Citing the need to comply with ISO (Insurance Services Office) regulations, Sherman said the fire department also needs to replace fire equipment that will soon reach its expiration date.

“A lot of (the) equipment is coming to the end of its life,” said Sherman. “There’s a lot of stuff the village simply cannot afford. Our biggest need right now is a fire truck.”

The fire department has had to cut down on physicals for its fire fighters, said Sherman.

Coal Grove Mayor Larry McDaniel agreed getting firefighters necessary tests is important.

“Something needs to be done,” said McDaniel.

While the proposed levy would mean a new fee added for Coal Grove residents, council members stated imposing the levy would be a better option than to risk the fire department losing funds and no longer being able to serve the area.

“To be fiscally responsible, we have to as a council see that this gets passed,” said Eric Holmes, councilman.

Following the informational meeting, the council voted unanimously to put levy on November ballot. Councilman Sam Hall was not at the meeting.

During the council meeting, Sherman brought up the need to replace air bottles for the fireman. The council asked that Sherman provide an estimate of the replacement cost.

The police department discussed the topic of having officers in the schools to teach drug education and a motion was made to adopt that policy.