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New way to learn at district

Lisa Bryant, teacher at Symmes Valley schools, uses her iPad to interact with a smart projector.

Lisa Bryant, teacher at Symmes Valley schools, uses her iPad to interact with a smart projector.


WILLOW WOOD — When Symmes Valley High School students headed back to the classroom last month, they were greeted by new technology in their classes. This summer the school installed smart projectors in each of its high school classrooms.

“It gives a different way of bringing content (into classrooms),” said Tammie Myers, technology coordinator for the school. “Everything you can do on your iPad you can do on the board.”

Using their phones or other technology, students can project their homework on the board, allowing students to collaborate in class, said Myers.

Students and teachers can use a stylus pen to write on the board where projected images are displayed.

“It’s an interactive projector,” said Myers.

Teachers can use the new projectors to stream videos onto a board at the front of the class and can project content on the board that corresponds to class instruction.

“There’s so much stuff you can do on it,” said Lisa Bryant, a health instructor at the high school. “I like it because it adds to your lesson plans.”

As a health instructor, Bryant sees the projectors as a way to provide more visual instruction for her students.

“I don’t have to use the old fashioned diagram (anymore),” said Bryant. “The students are more in tune to your lesson.”

With the new projectors, Bryant said that teachers now can project quizzes up on the board for students to see and answer from their desks.

Felicity Jenkins, Symmes Valley senior and drum major, has already used the projectors during band rehearsals to stream music, allowing band members to hear how a particular piece should sound.

“They were able to listen and see how it was going to be,” said Jenkins.

As a student, Jenkins is on-board with having the smart projectors in the classroom and said that the projectors give students an interactive experience.

“Seeing the videos (streamed with the projectors) are nice and just the fact that they have the Apple TVs built in,” said Jenkins. “It’s really helpful.”

Greg Bowman, Symmes Valley High School principal, is pleased with the implementation of the projectors.

“I’m happy that we’re able to have this technology in the building,” said Bowman. “It’s going to engage the students more.”