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Church offers quiet time for meditation

The Rev. AJ Stack lights candles inside Christ Episcopal Church.

The Rev. AJ Stack lights candles inside Christ Episcopal Church.


Even in smaller cities, the pace of daily life can be stressful. To offer a refuge and a respite for a while is the mission of Christ Episcopal Church as it opens its sanctuary for two hours every Wednesday.

“Someone was talking to me about all the beautiful churches we have in Ironton and how sad it is that they are almost always closed except on Sundays,” the Rev. Sallie Schisler, priest in charge at Christ Church, said. “How lovely it is to be in a big city and walk into a quiet cool place. So I thought there is no reason we can’t do that.”

From 11 am. until 1 p.m. each Wednesday, the red doors at the church on the corner of Fifth Street and Park Avenue, will be propped open so anyone who wants to can come into the church and spend as long as they want in the solitude.

“Certainly the goal is to have a place for people to come in and take their rest,” Schisler said. “They can pray. They can read.”

During that time either Schisler or the Rev. A.J. Stack, the church’s deacon, will be there.

“One of us will always be around if they would like prayer or conversation,” she said. “There are not a lot of quiet places downtown.”

This is the first church of those where Stack has served that has started to offer the opportunity for quiet time.

“I think that in the busynesss of our life we often don’t have the space to just sit and be quiet and not have to worry about things for a bit,” Stack said. “Since Christ Church is in the downtown area with the courthouse, attorney offices and businesses this gives a place to be still and not have the pressures of the world.

It seemed like something that might work in Christ Church. Christ Church itself is kind of a peaceful place.”