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Bob Cleary best choice for Ironton mayor

I’m writing this letter to let the people of Ironton know that Bob Cleary is the best choice this time around in the election for mayor. I’ve looked at all of the candidates and Bob Cleary has the experience, the dedication and the plan we need for the city.

Bob plans to fix up the streets and everyone knows we need that. We have potholes that could swallow a VW bug.

Bob Cleary wants to add firefighters to our fire department without raising our city taxes. He has to know how to get this done. I also like the fact that he wants to do something about the drugs that are coming down here from Detroit. I don’t know how we ended up in a drug pipeline, but I think Bob Cleary will do something to help get us out.

Bob wants to lower the monthly utility fee and God knows I need that. I have to watch every penny I spend and, if he can help save me a little, it will help me a lot.

I’ve known Bob Cleary for many years. I know his family and his ways of doing business. Bob tells the truth and tries to treat everyone fairly. He may not always agree with you, but if he doesn’t, he will tell you in a polite fashion. I respect him for being a straight shooter.

Bob Cleary has been on city council for years and he’s been mayor before. He knows the job and he knows what troubles we face in this city. I recommend to every voter to cast your ballot for Bob Cleary for Ironton mayor. He’s clearly the best choice for all of us in Ironton.


Nancy Sisler