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Voting for city’s mayor crucial

On Nov. 3, more than 3,000 Ironton residents cast their votes for who they believed would be the best mayor of Ironton. Because there was so much interest from candidates seeking the top seat in the city, not one candidate earned the requisite 40 percent of votes needed to be named mayor.

On Tuesday, Ironton residents will again have the chance to make their voices heard with a runoff election between the top two vote-getters from the general election: Katrina Keith, who received 1,145 votes, and Bob Cleary, who earned 730 votes.

Procedures for voting in the runoff election are different from the general election. We’ve done our best to explain why in today’s top story and by publishing a Q&A written by members of the board of elections, seen below.

Despite the fact that voting in the runoff election may be inconvenient for some, it is essential that all registered voters do their civic duty and get to the polls on Tuesday.

Every vote counts in this election and the only way to have your voice heard is to punch a ballot.

We would encourage those who can, offer transportation to family or friends who want to vote but may not be able to drive themselves to one of the two polling locations.