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Ironton must move forward

It may have taken a while to get a new leader for the city of Ironton, but now we do. Now we ask: What’s next?

Even though only 33 percent of the registered voters got out to the polls, Katrina Keith did win by a landslide.

As the location of her victory party was packed with cheering supporters, it is obvious Keith’s message and vision has inspired a massive sense of energy that should — and can — be used for good.

Ironton was once a destination. A wealthy community driven by pride, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, culture and religion.

There is no reason why it can’t again.

But Keith must grab the current momentum and build on it.

Inspired people accomplish, and Keith must inspire. Today. Tomorrow. For the next four years.

On election night, the first woman mayor of Ironton said she wanted to work on making Ironton look like the jewel it can be. It used to be. And rightly so.

She can contribute to the many revitalization projects, like turning the Brumberg Building into upscale apartments, already started by economic development leaders.

She must also concentrate on revitalizing the city’s infrastructure. Not a glamorous job, but a vital one. A pretty façade will not overcome structural deficiencies.

To do this, she will need to work with council, various city departments, individuals, businesses and civic organizations to bring Ironton back to life.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who say it can’t be done.

She must rise above the naysayers, who thrive on thwarting progress and improvement.

But the most important “must” for Keith is to know she must work with those already here wanting to see change for Ironton and working for it.

She must understand it takes a team of leaders to raise a city upwards.