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Only 7 percent of tax liens purchased in sale

Of the 286 parcels on the auction block for Monday’s tax lien sale, 19 liens were purchased, bringing in $53,094.68 for the county.

That was the 11th tax lien sale conducted by Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Burcham in the past six years. The treasurer started the tax lien sales where individuals or companies purchase the liens with the eventual possibility of owning the property through foreclosure.

The largest amount paid for a parcel was $20,329.62.

Some of the remaining may go into a negotiated sale.

“Some we only offered once,” Burcham said. “We will try to sell them again prior to doing some kind of negotiations.”

Burcham reported that last month’s sales tax was up $55,000 over the same time period last year. And overall sales tax is up $290,000 for the year.

Also there are three CDs that will mature by the end of the year Projected interest for six CDs and bonds for the end of this year is $8,932.49 with interest over the remaining lifetime of those instruments is expected to be $17,875.61.

The treasurer expects interest for next year to remain basically flat.